Olimpiadas japonesas

Thursday, 28 January, 2010

Este es un divertido vídeo de sombras japonesas. Este tipo de vídeos me encantan, me parece increible la imaginación que le ponen para que con unos elementos tan simples se consigan esos efectos.

Via: humor.desvariandoando.com

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  1. Ladainian says:

    she is, dumping booze on top isn’t helping anyone. I kind of wonder if she might be using it to cope with the stress. After being pregnant for what felt like nine years and having a rough delivery, I was such a lightweight after giving birth. If I was drinking as much as she is, I wo;u1n&#82d7lt have held my head up, much less cared for a newborn. We’re a family of drinkers and I still can’t have very much, my liver is too out of practice.Maybe that’s why he’s always in the carrier incorrectly when she packs him in.

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